Dear Sir/Madam,

It is my pleasure to invite you to The Summit on War & Politics to be held from the 4th to 6thof November 2016which is a collaborative effort of the Indian Debating League and the Indian Youth Economic Association.A first of its kind conference, The Summit will include a series of academic simulations of historical and modern-day events of significant strategic and political importance.

At the Summit, contextualized debating simulations will comprise of crisis situations that will require participants to don roles of influential actors such as monarchs, bishops, generals, and pollsters as they debate, negotiate for and make important decisions that would be unparalleled in their impact on humanity. From role-playing Indian leaders such as Nehru, Patel, Bose and Gandhi in the context of forming the idea of India, to filling in the shoes of political campaign managers to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, students will have the opportunity to research, debate as and play the roles of a wide variety of historical and contemporary personalities.

I am proud to announce that we are working under the guidance of some esteemed individuals who form our Board of Advisers. Mr. Deepak Verma, President of the Debating Society of India, Prof. Srinath Raghavan, historian and author, Prof. Gilles Verniers, political scientist, have been instrumental in helping us shape the vision of the conference as it stands today. It is also pertinent that I announce that we have an accomplished Executive Board panel that comprises of experts in their respective fields of study as well as in the activity that we are pursuing. These gifted debaters and scholars will guide debate and create study materials for those participating at The Summit.

As a founder of both the Indian Youth Economic Association and the Indian Debating League, I am proud to say that both these organizations are working towards raising awareness, broadening horizons, promoting research, inspiring debate and enhancing the dialogue amongst the youth of the county.

The Indian Youth Economic Association focuses on promoting economic research and has a history of strong tie-ups with over 40 esteemed academic and non-academic institutions. The University of Chicago, St. Stephens’ and Hindu Colleges and the Indian Debating Union include some of these partners. The Indian Debating League with similar ambitions is a recent endeavour that aims to redefine debating norms and create a new platform for sophisticated professional debating.

Understanding the requirement for a suitable venue for a conference of this stature, we have decided upon the India Habitat Centre at Lodhi Road which has been considered an ideal physical environment for such a conference and revered as a venue by many among the student community.

The Summit aims to involve hundreds of students from schools and colleges across the sub-continent as well as the Middle East, Europe & Americas. Not only will this be an intellectually enriching experience for students but it will also aim to spread the message of debate and dialogue among the larger targeted audiences across the world. I, along with my team, will work towards making this conference a fruitful and engaging experience for all participants.

Looking forward to seeing you at the opening ceremony on Friday, 4th November 2016.

Please feel free to contact us on or +919818303780 for any queries that you may have.

Ajay Sabharwal